Annual Report 2013-14

VISAN FOUNDATION, formed in the year 2013, is supported by dedicated academicians who strongly believe in the holistic development of the students by hand holding them right from their formative school years, eventually making them better prepared for the challenges of the world, by imparting its numerous training programmes.

Various programmes designed by the foundation aim at creating awareness, livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities, as well as instilling an inquisitive thinking in the children. Thereafter, the foundation provides employable skills along with technical job-related specialised skills to ensure the placement of students in organizations with a good career progression, thus securing a sound future growth and rise for these students to enable them to easily get integrated in the main stream society.

The foundation aims to provide its services in the following 5 areas:

  • Educational Services
  • Humanitarian Services
  • Health Services
  • Awareness Generation
  • Economic Upliftment

VISAN has initiated work in different arenas of education, health, women empowerment in the form of:

  • Employment linked Skill Development Program
  • School Education Support Program & Health Services
  • Project Women Empowerment

In the very first year, Visan Foundation undertook and successfully completed the following three programmes:


Project “Healthy Habits - Happy Life”:

In partnership with UWD: School Project for underprivileged children below 18 years


Project PEHAL in partnership with United Way of Delhi

Employment linked skills training for 100 school dropouts and specially abled youth

Project: Women Empowerment

Training 30 Nos ladies from BPL families in Hospitality for job oriented programs from rural villages of Chandu & Budhera of Gurgaon
Complete details about the above 3 projects, their journey, the processes followed, and finally the impact they created, have been compiled in our Annual Report 2013-14.

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Our Annual Report 2013-14